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“Inside the kitchen of Frugals double drive-in, seven-plus employees work elbow to elbow, flipping burgers, cooking fries and pulling milkshakes.  The lively banter of the employees rises above the sound of the burgers sizzling.  Outside the pickup window, a customer grabs their bag of ¼ lb. burgers and moves on.  Behind them, a long double line of cars with hungry Frugals customers waiting their turn.”
- Dave Reese, Daily Inter Lake

Before the first Frugals® came to be, Peter and Sheila Stewart  performed a comprehensive analysis of the hamburger industry. Consumer trends, traffic patterns, demographics, menus, and building layouts were all extensively analyzed. An insight emerged: a disproportionally high percentage of customers preferred to purchase their meal from the drive-up window. 
With the importance of convenience and efficiency in mind, the concept of a double drive-through was developed. The new layout would allow for faster service, lower prices, increased volume, and lower overhead costs. When this innovation was combined with fresh, never frozen beef and other high-quality ingredients, the Stewart’s dream was realized and Frugals® was born.
The first location was opened in Port Angeles, Washington, in June 1988 and was immediately popular.  It was followed in September 1990 by a second unit in Tacoma, Washington. In October 2000, operations began in Auburn, Washington. One year later, another unit was successfully opened in Kalispell, Montana.  Each location has garnered a loyal following due to its dedication to simplicity, efficiency, quality, and service.


Frugals Mission is to Provide:
  • The highest quality product at the lowest possible price.
  • The best consumer experience in the industry.
  • Respect for our employees, business partners, and community.
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